Emery 18 months

Emery turned 18 months, oh, a month or so ago so time for a little update. Gosh, where to begin?  Ok milestones….

Talking – she has a good handful of words that she uses regularly and most recently “No” is by far her favorite.  I have to say that she says “no” so delicately that it almost sounds like a little puppy dog saying it.  It’s pretty adorable at the moment.  We are still working on “yes” as right now it is a very demonstrative and dramatic head nod.  She also says Drew all day every day.  Either “dew dew” or “DEWWWW!” when she is frustrated with him.  Other common words include doggy (daw-ey), yogurt (go-gur), Da-da and Mama and all-done.  She’s also just started repeating everything so we think the vocabulary explosion is coming soon.

Sleep – Emery goes to bed easily each night.  Shortly after this picture was taken she started making it a routine to be put in her bed dropping (eh, or forcefully throwing) each one of those stuffed animals outside her crib, leaving just her blanky.  She sleeps through the night with no problem at all and wakes up around 6-6:30am, just as soon as Drew wakes her up.  Once awake, she gets to head to her favorite meal of the day.  She loves her breakfast.

Eating – aside from breakfast and snacking she’s hit or miss.  Typically she’ll pick one item on her plate and eat it all and then lift her plate quickly saying “all done, all done, all done” until someone grabs her plate before she spills / drops it.  Oh but does she love her sweets.  I made the mistake once of letting her have a little spice drop candy.  She then knew where the bag was hidden (not so hidden I guess) and she’d stand at the drawer and cry until I’d give her one.  One night she did wake up, which as I stated earlier is extremely rare.  Both Tim and I dealt with her and could not get her back asleep and we had no idea what was wrong.  I ended up in the kitchen with her at 3am and once I realized she was screaming for her candy, I quickly gave in to her.  She had one spice drop, turned off the tears and went straight back to bed.  Sigh……….luckily that’s only happened once.  She definitely won that night.

She’s our messy girl for sure.  Yeah, I know all 18 month olds are messy but I mean, she’s really skilled at getting messy.  I love this picture above because it shows what a hot mess she is most nights.  Snot running, hair wherever and ice cream all over without letting us help her.

Physical – She is strong!  She loves to roll around and well, kind of flip around on the couch or wherever.  She’s certainly a skilled climber too and loves to be swung upside down and thrown around by Tim.  Um, maybe a little gymnast in the making?  She does one heck of a forward roll for an 18 month old.

Some of her favorites; baths, Drew, candy/sweets/ice cream, dogs, rolling on beds and couches, her car seat, Ms. Cheyenne and Ms. Lauren, climbing on whatever and shoes.

Demeanor – She goes from happy, adorable sweet-as-can be Emery to frustrated and screaming in .2 seconds.  Often we come home from school and she is ANGRY if dinner is not ready for her.  I really don’t think she’s even that hungry, it’s just her routine to cling to me and not let me finish getting dinner ready.  If I put her down she’ll wail horribly for no reason at all.  She’s certainly becoming quite independent and throws a fit often when we try to help her with something.  She’s also quite the “pester-er” and often has Drew in tears.  She can hold her own for sure with him.

Overall she certainly keeps us on her toes however she’s usually easier than she’s not.  We just love her to pieces and each day we end up laughing at something silly that’s she’s doing.  I can’t wait to see how her personality continues to develop.

Disney World part 2

I’m finally getting around to getting the rest of our Disney pictures posted.  The kids ate, napped, changed clothes and we were back on our way to more Magic Kingdown fun.  They look kinda bored waiting for the Disney bus.

Once we arrived, our first stop was an appointment to meet Mickey himself (oh THANK YOU THANK YOU fast passes!!!!).  This may be my favorite picture of the entire trip.  This is when it was his turn to walk up and personally meet and talk to Mickey.  Pure joy and excitement in his face, not to mention one of the only pictures with non squinty eyes.

Family picture with Mickey of course.

Highlight of the weekend for sure.

After a bunch of rides, Emery took a little water / snack break while Drew planned out where we should go next.

How could we almost leave our long day at MK without getting the must have picture in front of Cinderella’s castle?  Drew really has this smiling for pictures thing down doesn’t he?  Sidenote – he says Grammy and Grandpa taught him to smile this way.

These two were having so much fun on the way back to the hotel.  Drew was running with her in the stroller and though you cannot tell by the picture, she thought it was hysterical.

The following morning Goofy and Pluto just happened to be at our hotel visiting during breakfast.  What a fun start to the day.

Off to Hollywood Studio and the first guy we saw was this one – Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Drew loved Disney Junior Live – which was a performance that included the gang from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Sofia the First.

Having fun!

Drew really doesn’t watch Sofia very often (except when Daddy goes to the gym – ha!) but nonetheless he wanted a picture with her.

We really didn’t have as much to do at Hollywood Studios that interested the kids but also didn’t feel the need to repeat Magic Kingdom.  A few things not pictured; Drew being scared to death at the Indiana Jones show (this kid does not like fire) or crying during a 3D Mickey Fantasia movie….or a combination of screaming and crying during the Great Movie Ride.  Also, despite very few pictures, Emery was indeed still on this trip.  She went with the flow throughout which was great.  Overall we had an awesome time and I’m so glad we did our first Disney trip this way.  Two days was perfect for us.

Disney World 2016

Disney World!!  Oh gosh, the thought of Disney has honestly never sounded that appealing to me.  Crowds, people, pushing, lines, heat, crying and repeat.  That’s what I envisioned when thinking of Disney World.  BUT – with Drew being 3.5, I also knew that I really wanted us to take him soon for the first time.  When Tim said he had a conference in Orlando, we tossed around the idea of Disney for just the weekend.  It seemed like a perfect way to do Disney without a full commitment to the craziness I envisioned.

And guess what?  We had so much fun.  The stars truly aligned and everything was perfect.  We arrived (me and the kids) on Thursday afternoon and spent Friday and Saturday at Disney and left Sunday morning.  Perfect.  Oh but first we had to get there.  Let’s just say I earned that glass of wine shown below.  Drew and Emery actually both did relatively well, but let’s face it – waiting, sitting still, being patient and being quiet are not on either of our kid’s favorites list.  I have never felt more accomplished than when I was on our second plane after connecting in Atlanta and had one child watching a movie and another asleep.  Wine?  Yes, please (hey Tim did fly us up front so I had to take advantage right?).

Once we got in on Thursday, we set out and hit the Disney boardwalk, had dinner, ice cream and then back to the hotel for the night.  We stayed at the Swan on Disney property.  No pictures from that evening.  We tried to get the kids to sleep at a reasonable time because we had a big day in front of us.  Magic Kingdom!

I think the first thing we went on was the carousel which they could do anywhere however both loved it, especially Emery.

It’s a Small World….Drew still is singing that song 10 days later….

Dumbo!  They both loved this one.

This Dumbo is a picture prop – Drew wasn’t really standing up during the flying Dumbo ride. 😉

After hitting a ton of rides quickly, we lucked out in meeting Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Minnie.  Drew was so excited!  The theme was some sort of carnival where each character was dressed to fit their act/talent.  We waiting in relatively short lines for each character but wow, time well spent.  Prepare for picture overload.

We did all of that (and much more) before noon!  Then it was time to head back to the hotel and take a nap.

Many more pictures from our Disney trip coming soon.  🙂

Easter weekend 2016

Easter weekend started early with Drew having a sick day on Thursday so he stayed home and “worked” with me.  We both got a whole lot done (ha).  And um, yes still no furniture in our new living room.

While Drew was home, Emery enjoyed an Easter egg hunt at school.

The kids had Good Friday off so that meant a longer morning in Jammie’s with no where to get to.  I did take Emery to her 15 month well visit (at almost 16 months) and she is 74% in height and 45% for weight.

Beautiful Saturday.  We spent most of the day outside.

Ice cream on the steps after dinner.

Happy Easter!  

This picture I caption, ‘real life’.

That’s better.

After church, we went to our regular Sunday restaurant; Noshville.  The sweetest older man was letting all the kids pick a big new teddy bear out of a bag.  

My favorite.

An Interview with Drew

This week on March 13th, Drew will be 3.5 years old.  He is wise beyond his years.  Read on for proof.


Hi Drew.  What’s your full name?

Orange Red Allen Elsa.  

Oh really, no Drew or Greulich?

Drew: (thinking)…yes Greulich.  Orange Red Allen Elsa Greulich.

Why’s your favorite thing to do?

Drew: Play.

What’s your favorite thing to play?  

Drew: Music center, Home livin’ (Home living center) capes (at school), paw patrols. 

Who is your best friend?  Amaya and griffin. And Nora.

What do you think about Emery?  I don’t care.

What do you mean you don’t care?  You love her right?

Drew: I do…but I don’t care about her.


Tell me about your castle.  I’ve heard a lot about it.

Drew: There’s a picture of it in Emery’s dragon book.  I have lots of new stuff in there.

Oh really, like what?

Drew: Cookies, chocolate…no milk though.  I only have juice in my castle.  Yes, that’s it.

And where is your castle?

Drew: In my Cincinnati.

Where is YOUR Cincinnati?

Drew: Right by MY Nashville.

Don’t you also have cars?

Drew: Yes I have a few cars and I eat at my castle and my sisters live there.


Drew: No my castle sisters.  Not emery.  I have 4 castle sisters.  Emery can come visit.

Who else lives there?

Drew: The communicaper.  And Nora, Elsa, Anna…well Nora is actually Anna.  I’m Elsa.  Also some other friends and my sisters.


What’s your favorite sport?

Drew: Soccer.

Do you know how to play?

Drew: No.

What’s your favorite food?  Whatever kind I like.

Do you like to go out to eat?

Yes my favorite is J Alexander’s. Me and Nora are going to go to J Alexanders.  I like chicken tenders and broccoli.

And what to drink?

Diet coke.

Am I going to go with you?

No, just me and Nora. Maybe some other friends.

Do you know how trees grow?

Drew: Yes, with branches.

Why is the sky blue?

Drew: Because there is sun in it.

What’s your favorite animal?  My pups.

What’s Daddy’s job?  Do you know where he works?

Drew: At the gym. 

What’s his job?  

Drew: Work.

Where does mommy work?

Drew: At home. 

What’s her job?  

Drew: Work.

Drew: I work. I make calls. I call communicaper. Come in communicaper, come in. See I work.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Drew: A fireman.

Do you think you’ll make a lot of money when you grow up?

Drew: Sure.

How much?

Drew: Four.

Four what?

Drew: Four monies or ….maybe a million dollars.

Will you share any money with your sister?  Mm hmm. 

Did you know tomorrow you will be 3.5 years old?

Drew: No, I don’t want to be 3.5 years old.  I just want to stay 3 years old.  

Mommy, I’m done with this.


Life lately – January and February

A little of what we’ve been up to in January and February:

Our snowy weekend which I’ve already posted.


The following weekend we got outside and enjoyed nearly 70 degree temps.


Grammy and Grandpa spent a week at our house while both Tim and I traveled for work.  Emery and Drew thoroughly enjoyed their time with them….and Sable of course.


Annual boat show, cause ya know one day we will be buying a boat.


A couple Home Depot trips.


Warming up again.  Emery officially started walking right at the New Year (13 months) but it has taken a few more weeks for her to trust her legs.


Just a random crazy family selfie.


Oh look, it’s baseball season!


Quick weekend trip to Cincy for Amelia’s first birthday (oops no picture!) and then crazy winter on the way home.


Wrapping up regular season of basketball.  What a fun game to watch Vandy beat Kentucky…and yes the kids did great (well they did okaaaay).


We are ready for some warmer weather, getting outside, soccer and a fun trip or two.


Snow Day!

We are having a very snowy weekend here in Nashville. For most, this much snow is no big deal, but to get any snow in Nashville is pretty rare.  Actually I’ve lived here now for eight years and I can only remember one other time that we got this much (in addition to the ice storm that shut us down for a solid week this time last year).  The city is really not equipped to get all the streets clear so everything completely shuts down….EVERYTHING. So anyway, we all enjoyed the pretty snow yesterday.  

Emery’s 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Emery’s first birthday on 11/28 while we were in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving.  It was a casual and small party and even though the birthday girl refused her nap that day, she still managed to have a great time.  I tried to get a picture of everyone who was there but apparently did a bad job of that (so sorry Mom Mom, Becky, Liz and Hannah).

This is the best we were able to get for a family picture. 😩

Mom Mom made the adorable birthday cakes and they were so good too.  Thank you Mom Mom!

This was when the sleep deprivation really started kicking in.  She wanted nothing to do with the cake.

Drew on the other hand…

Emery and big brother playing on one of her new toys.

Bring on year #2!

Happy 1st Birthday Emery!


You are one!!!!  We made it!  What a year, baby girl.

As I reflect on the last year, I can’t help to think about the expectations I had before you were born. I expected sleepless nights balanced out with long cuddly days on the couch.  The sleepless nights part was right.  I expected a tricky transition and possibly a bumpy ride incorporating a new baby into “Drew’s world”.  This transition was actually easy after the initial shock to Drew of bringing you home.  I expected you to sleep through the night somewhere around the three month mark because, well, Drew did so why wouldn’t you?  Um, no that didn’t happen, not even close.  I expected it would take some time to settle into a new norm, but sooner than later we’d be in a grove and it would be smooth sailing.  Relatively accurate I suppose.

What I didn’t expect was for my sleepless nights to last quite so long (ahem like into month 11), or for our family of four to gel so naturally and quickly.  I did not expect for you to teach me patience this year but you did. I’m still working on this one however between your lack of interest to sleep and extreme annoyance with bottles, trust me when I say I gained and learned patience.  I also didn’t expect to feel such a unique and special bond with my second born, my little girl. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be and I enjoy learning more and more each day about your unique personality.

I get a huge kick out of seeing your Dad develop a very special relationship with you too. You’ve got him wrapped around your pinky and it’s pretty stinking adorable.  Also you definitely hold your own with Drew which is giving us a bit of foreshadowing for the future.  You love to play with him and with his toys and though he may not be quite ready for this, it’s only a matter of time before you both will be great playmates.  He loves you so much.  Each day Drew looks forward to dropping you off first at your classroom. While I am speaking to your teacher, he picks out a toy for you and then plants a kiss on your head before heading to his classroom. Pure sweetness.

Emery, we feel so lucky that you belong to us and we love you to pieces.  We absolutely love to see your happy little face each morning and the way you kick your legs and get excited when either your dad or I  pick you up.  We love your big toothy grin and the way you quietly observe and learn from Drew.  We all laugh at your baby growls.  Lately we are getting a kick out of watching you have the same amount of food on your high chair tray as Drew has on his plate however you regularly eat your meal in a fraction of the time.

At one year old – you love almost all foods, playing with Drew, your blankies, rolling on beds, your Gardner School teachers (Ms. Jamie and Ms. Jessie), baths, and napping in the car.  You dislike cuddling (unless super tired), new faces, traffic, napping in your crib and getting your jammies on at night.  This year has been simply amazing but boy oh boy, it’s been challenging too (crossing my fingers for better sleep in the coming year).

It’s a little bittersweet for you to be turning one, but I really am far more excited than sad.  Today on your actual first birthday, will mark the beginning of us living back in our house for the first time in seven months.  I’m excited to always remember your first birthday this way as we look forward to making lots of new memories in our new home after celebrating with your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents last night.

Happy first Birthday Emery Claire!

October 2015

No better time than a week before Christmas to post our October fall fun.  This was our third year to head to Franklin and spend the fall morning with the Browns.  We always have such a good time doing this

I am saving these for the wedding slide show.  Hey – stranger things have happened  🙂

Drew and Tim also finished up an 8-week class introducing baseball and soccer skills.

Tim took Drew to his first movie one Friday afternoon.  They saw Minions.

And then of course, Halloween!  This is the cutest fireman and Dalmatian I’ve ever seen.