Christmas fun

Adorable Christmas program for the kids school.  Emery had on stage performance as well…

…..but she chose to spend the evening on my lap and not with her class  🙂

Oh my goodness, I love this one  this was right after his performance and he saw all the other kids in his class talking to Santa.  This is the first on Santas lap picture ever, that he agreed to.  Emery?  Not a chance!

Heading to Ohio!  We try and time our road trips to Cinci right after lunch to sneak in naps and it always works well.

Emery sleeps right away and then Drew sleeps a couple hours into the trip.  I merged thought it was hysterical to steal Drew’s “E”.


That sweet face

These two have SO much fun together.  I love their little cousin friendship.  

Celebrating Hannah and MiMi’s birthday

Christmas Eve


A little bit of MiMi time on Christmas morning before heading to Grammy and Grandpa’s house

Drew has the arm-hug-kiss-head move DOWN.  This is another sweet cousin friendship with Drew being the older cousin.  They bond over Disney junior shows and colored pencils.

Sweet as can be.

….and double trouble.  

Greulich cousins; December 2016