Mom Mom’s 90th birthday

We celebrated Mom Mom’s 90th birthday the day before Thanksgiving.  What a great night with all Mom Mom’s kids, grandchildren AND great grandchildren.

Baby Lily – 5(ish) weeks old

Mom Mom, Aunt Peggy, Carol and Sebastian, 6(ish) weeks old

Mom Mom and Sebastian

Emery and one of her doggies – this one is Murphy and really belongs to Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz

Amelia (coming up on 2 in February)

Drew, Mom Mom, Julie (3 years), Emery and Peggy

A big family dinner down in the Greulich basement.

One of my favorites…

Though I tried to take a lot of pictures, I clearly missed out on taking many of the actual grand children.  Nonetheless here is Mom Mom and all SIX of her great grand children (Emery, Amelia, Lily, Sebastian, Julie and Drew).