Opening Day and Easter celebrating

I’m blogging backwards!  I’m committed to catching up and then my sometimes present OCD will re-arrange dates later so everything is accurately chronological.  😉  But anyway – last month we hit the road and headed “home” (yep Tim and I still call Cincy home when we travel there) for Opening Day weekend.  While home we were able to celebrate PaPa’s birthday and early Easter celebration at the Greulich’s house.

First stop – Mimi and PaPa’s house…

Hannah and Drew had a sleep over on Mimi’s awesome new bunk beds while Emery slept in the crib in the same room.  Somehow…it worked.  Here they all are in the morning having breakfast.

Hangin’ with PaPa on his actual birthday

Hmm….all I see is a beer tshirt and two kids with sun in their eyes.  Oh well, we tried.

On to Grammy and Grandpa’s house on this beautiful Sunday.  Lots of outdoor play time.

Drew and Emery’s super sweet cousins – Amelia, Sebastian and Lily!

Easter egg hunt

We changed into our Red’s t-shirts for our annual picture that I require each year (and I LOVE having these each year).  It was beautiful and sunny this day and the following day we knew it may rain so I’m glad I made the annoying call to snap a family picture.  🙂

And then of course – Opening Day!  We love to bring Mom Mom with us and she loves going as well.  This year our group included – Danny, Katie, Tom (Dad), Mom Mom and the two of us.  Though it rained a bit here and there, the temp was warm so it was not a big deal.  Many years have been far worse though we are due a sunny and 70s Opening Day next year.

I’ll end this post with one more fun one at Grammy and Grandpa’s house.  These two are crazy!  This is Murphy’s cage (Michael and Liz’s dog) that was in Carol and Jim’s room and they thought it was the funniest thing to climb in here and shut the door.  I have to admit…it was pretty funny.  It amused them far longer than I thought it would.