Happy 2nd birthday Emery!

Emery – Happy second birthday. I can honestly say that I don’t know where to begin with this note to you. Just like I did for Drew, I am writing you a happy birthday note looking back at all the good things that you have brought to our lives and thinking about all the good things to come. 

While Drew turned our world (Mommy and Daddy’s world) on it’s head, in part because of the amazing kid he is, but in part because we were first time parents and experiencing milestones for the first time with Drew, you too have turned our world upside down and inside out … And I wouldn’t change it for the world !!!

I knew things would be different for our family when you decided to crash Thanksgiving weekend 2 years ago, but I can honestly admit that I didn’t think you would change my life for the better and add to our family dynamic as much as you have. You are an absolutely incredible kid. I am amazed everyday how much you learn from watching you brother and the world around you. You talk in almost complete sentences, are almost potty trained, and are the most determined little girl I have ever met. There are times I need to remember that you are only two (not 3 or 4). 

I have to admit, I was a little lukewarm on having a little girl, but boy was I wrong. I’m still not so much into all of your shoe changes or some of the outfits your mommy puts you in (or you pick out), but I love your smiles, your infectious laugh, your whitty, even sassy personality, your determined stubbornness, and your great big hugs and welcome homes when I come home from work (best ever!!!!).

Emery, you one of the best things that has ever happened to be me and our family. I could not imagine our live’s without you and look forward to watching you continue to grow up.

Happy birthday fruit snack, oh wait, monkey! 😉 

Love you,


A few favorites from Emery’s second year….and a few notes from Mommy editor:

This evening (below) is a night i hope I will never forget.  Emery, per usual refused dinner.  This night was spaghetti and I know she likes spaghetti.  99% of the time, Emery would win the dinner battle and we’d cave and she would get away with hardly eating or getting a pjelly (peanut butter and jelly).  This night I wanted to win.  She cried forever.  Fits, tantrum, all of it.  I said, fine don’t eat.  I bathed her (still screaming) and held my ground.  2.5 hours after we started dinner (and past her bedtime), she looked at the spaghetti, gave me a shrug and clearly gave in.  She had three bowls.  Emery: 579  Mommy/Daddy: 1