Mom Mom’s Nashville visit

We had an amazing extended visit with Mom Mom recently.  She came back to Nashville with us after Opening day and stayed for two weeks – until Easter.  It was so great! We had amazing food, a super clean house, no laundry ever waiting to be washed or folded and tons of fun moments with the kids.  But seriously let’s just start with the food.  I joked with Tim that I gained 5 pounds when she was here but it really wasn’t a joke.  I’ve never had that many good meals night after night and I clearly over ate.

Here she is one Sunday prepping dinner after baking a cake – and oh it wasn’t even noon yet when I took this picture.

The tulips were out at Cheekwood, so we went and walked around one day and tried to get some spring-like pictures.  Neither child was into it though.

Lots of evening stories were read….

One afternoon after school, we ran a few errands and gave Mom Mom a night off from cooking and hit up Chick Fil A.

In all seriousness, we had such a fabulous couple of weeks.  The kids loved having her here and we can’t wait to do it again in the future.  And next time, I’m definitely taking notes on the meals she cooked us!