Fall and Halloween fun

October was a super busy month for us.  Drew had soccer games on Saturdays, birthday parties most weekends, the kids’ school Fall Festival and of course Halloween.  We started the month with our annual pumpkin patch tradition with our great friends, the Browns.  We’ve gone to this pumpkin patch since Drew and Lexie were 1.

Top left; 2014.  Bottom left; 2015.  Top and bottom right; 2016.

Bonus this year – a fire truck was at the pumpkin patch!

Here is the one picture I took at the Gardner School Fall Festival.  This was Drew’s super awesome teacher for all of last year – Ms. Olivia.  We love her!

Neighborhood carving party.  This is apparently a long time tradition on our street that we like to look at but haven’t participated in yet.  Maybe next year.  This was the display about 2/3 full and grew after this picture was taken.

Drew and Emery were Marshall and Skye this year for Halloween.

Not bad right?  They loved their costumes and got plenty of wear out of them this month.

Ok these next two pictures are probably my favorite from Halloween night.  We trick or treated early and hit maybe 2 blocks on our street and then headed back home to pass out candy.  Our neighborhood (in metro Nashville) and specifically two streets (ours being one) is a VERY popular neighborhood for many to flock to for trick or treating.  We have gobs and gobs of kids and there really aren’t many kids in our neighborhood.  It’s quite a sight and our neighborhood even provides security patrol throughout the evening.  Drew and Emery loved passing out the candy and seeing all the costumes.  It was so warm and we were able to just sit on our porch and pass out candy until we ran out.  This picture below shows you a glimpse of our trick or treaters right before we closed up shop.  Of course, the later it got the more questionable the trick or treaters.  Emery didn’t care though and happily made sure everybody had plenty of candy!

And this one!  Drew refused to peel off any layers and kept his heavy vest and hat on all night.  It was definitely 80+ degrees and once he finally did pull off his hat, he was dripping in sweat.  He said, “Mommy look!  My hair’s already all wet!  I guess I don’t need a bath!”