Nine Months!

9 months old!! This month we’ve been enjoying tons of giggles, lots of shrieking and loads of Da-das (believe it or not, that one word can be said many different ways) – Drew is definitely excited to communicate with us. He is changing so fast right in front of our eyes. We’ve been loving the beginning of summer and not having many travel plans this month.


9 Month Stats:

Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz (23%), Height: 27.75 inches (25%)


Random tidbits from this month:

  • Where did his cow lick go?! Seriously – one day it just disappeared! Well, actually the cow lick itself is still there but the adorable chunk of hair that would stick straight up is mostly gone…which ultimately is a good thing I am sure.
  • He is starting to get into everything. One day I bent down to find a pair of shorts in his bottom drawer (and yes I had my hand on his leg so he wasn’t going to fall off the dresser) and 12 seconds later when I stood up he had pulled about 15 diapers out of the diaper holder. This wasn’t the actual day but you get the idea. And so it begins?
  • He still boycotts sleep at daycare. I know, I know – just get over it already right? I have. Sort of. ANYway- one day I picked him up and all three of this daycare room/playmates (girls) were in their cribs sound asleep. And then there was Drew….sitting in the middle of the room with a zillion toys surrounding him. He was laughing and playing and could not have been happier having the room and his teacher all to himself. Priceless. For the record he is an excellent sleeper/napper for us on the weekends.
  • He’s obsessed with shoe laces and remote controls.
  • He grabs noses! Watch out, he has quite a grip.
  • We are still waiting on teeth….where are they?!
  • Noise. He likes noise. He enjoys clanging things together and the louder the better.
  • He pants like a dog. It cracks us up – but really, tongue hanging out and the whole bit. He thinks it’s hysterical.
  • Lately he absolutely hates having to lay on his back to get changed. He tenses completely and does this big back arch thing thinking that will land him back up on his feet.

Onto some pictures from this month…..

First time in the pool! Plenty more pool pics to come in a future post. 20130612-205509.jpg

Tim and I took a long weekend and went to Vegas (I’ve never been) and enjoyed a little relaxing…2013-05-23 14.57.07

A little bit of the city….


Oh and since Pete lives there, we thought we’d hang out with him for a bit.20130612-205623.jpg

While we were away, Drew was spoiled by his Greulich grandparents and his Mom Mom:20130612-205637.jpg



He loves Sable! You can’t tell in this picture but they are definitely good buddies. 20130612-205642.jpg

It was an exhausting weekend for all of us. This was a little down time on Memorial Day. 20130612-205714.jpg

Moving on…………………

I could do an entire post on the adorable ways Drew sleeps. Seriously. I have more pictures of him sound asleep in his crib than anything else. On this particular day he decided to pull the blanket and sleep sac off of the crib rails and cuddle with them both. 20130612-205727.jpg


We went to a handful of Vandy baseball games. This was from the Super Regionals. They were so close to making it to the College World Series. 20130613-204138.jpg

We celebrated Lexie’s first birthday! 20130613-204201.jpg


Big guy hanging out at the bar. 20130613-204353.jpg

We’re getting ready for a busy rest of the summer. In the next month we’ll be heading to Florida with Mimi and PaPa for a week and also a weekend to Cincinnati. Maybe by next month we’ll have a crawler? Maybe he’ll be saying more than Da-Da? MAYBE he’ll have some teeth??? I guess we will wait and see! Until next month….