Eleven months!

We celebrated Drew’s first Easter in Cincinnati with the Greulich and Oberrecht families. We all had a great day.

Family picture after church

20130403-212801.jpgI have to admit, this is a “Larissa” expression










20130403-213642.jpgPracticing some rolling



20130403-214257.jpgDrew says: “No more pictures please.”
After church, brunch and family time – we left for Mimi and PaPa’s house.


20130403-215716.jpgCute cousins




20130403-220113.jpgQuick, yet much needed catnap on a busy day.

20130403-220330.jpgOpening Day 2013!


20130406-103230.jpgBest pictures we were able to get. It was cold outside!

20130406-103353.jpgDrew spent his first Opening Day watching the game on TV with Mom Mom.



20130406-103611.jpgIt turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day all the way to the 7th inning. And then….it was downright COLD.

20130406-103849.jpg“I skipped my naps for this?” Reds lose in 13 innings.

st a littl

11 months old today! Seriously – I swear I just had this little guy and here I am planning his first birthday party. Wow. Someone told me once – the days are long but the weeks are short. This felt so true back in my maternity leave days. Now the days, weeks, weekends, months…all of it seems short short short. But – we’re having fun and enjoying every day. 20130812-163611.jpg

Personality: Sweet sweet Drew. Here’s our “mild mannered” baby below. Many people have commented that he’s so calm and good natured, and he is…most of the time, but oh boy, he definitely does have a temper. The fun thing about his tantrums are that they can be turned into giggle fits in seconds. His new teachers today also commented on his “serious” or “stoic” face. Yep, he still turns into Mr. Serious when he’s a little uncertain of the situation.


Ever wonder what really goes on when I take Drew’s “chair” pictures? Luckily Tim was close by to catch a super quick Drew. 20130812-163626.jpg

Look who has teeth!!! Yep, two of them and plenty more on the way I think. We’ve had an up and down month with sleep. I’m convinced it must be teething related.


Drew continues to amaze us with his eating habits. This month he started table foods. Um – this child eats everything and feeds himself. Is this normal? Are all 11 month olds able to do this easily? Tonight I put Drew’s food on his tray and I ate the exact same thing (in slightly larger pieces) right next to him. It was amazing. Typcially I don’t eat dinner until after he’s down for the night but I totally enjoyed my 5:45pm dinner tonight! I can get used to this. Now, we are struggling in the whole milk department. He’s now only nursing morning and evening and not so interested in drinking cold milk in a sippy cup. We’re working on it. 20130812-163700.jpg


  • Reds game – seperate blog post coming soon!
  • Playdate at Lexie’s (Tim and I went to a baby free event! yea!)
  • Day at The Gardner School (he did awesome)


  • Feeding himself with table / finger foods
  • Crawling, army crawling that is – and he’s darn good at it.
  • Waves hi and bye-bye
  • Not really a milestone but if anyone says “Yea baby!”, Drew immediately starts clapping. Adorable.



Sick of green striped shirt pictures? 🙂 Somebody got lazy tonight. I do have tons of pictures from the last month and I’m committted to getting all caught up before the big birthday!!



e play time before bed.