Florida Vacation – part 4

I think this is my final group of vacation pictures. I just had sooo many. I’ve tried to delete as I comb through them but gosh, what if I

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really want that one picture of Drew playing on the ledge of the pool one day? Right?? ha. In all seriousness (Hi Jaime!), I am planning to print this blog somehow/someway into a photo book and therefore I feel the need to photo dump!

I think we’ll definitely look into getting Drew signed up for swimming lessons next year. He had so much fun in the pool all week. 20130826-201619.jpg

Best buddies. 20130826-201649.jpg

The ultimate bad mommy moment occured right before I took this picture. We were out to eat with Drew’s great Aunt Vi and great Uncle Kim. I had Drew on my lap as everyone was finishing their meals. Somehow (and I really don’t know how, which uh, is part of the bad mommy moment) Drew whacked his forehead on the table. He hit it hard. I got the heck out of that restaurant just as fast as I could to avoid all the looks from the other guests wondering how I could have really just let that happen to my child (not to mention fleeing the restaraunt because of the blood curling screams coming from Drew). Luckily it didn’t take much to cheer him up. This big blue chair did the trick. You can’t see the goose egg but it was definitely there. BAD MOMMY. 20130826-201707.jpg

I love everything about this one. The hat, his cute little fat rolls, the eyelashes, the seer sucker pants….all of it!20130826-201726.jpg

Is this my kid?? Really??20130826-201739.jpg


Drew had plenty of quality Mimi and Papa time. We are so grateful they invited us on the trip! 20130826-201817.jpg



These next couple of pictures kind of look like sillouettes right? Right?? They weren’t supposed to but I actually like them the way they turned out. 20130826-201925.jpg





Second favorite picture (behind the popsicle pic if you’re paying attention)!20130826-202005.jpg

If I had photoshop, I’d erase these kids in the background. Unfortunately I don’t…so just use your imagination and pretend they aren’t there. 😉 And for the record – Tim actually does throw Drew in the air quite often.


Lastly, here is my absolute favorite picture from the entire trip. I already had it printed and now I just need to get it framed for our mantle. I. LOVE. IT. 20130826-210744.jpg