Emery – 10 months

Well no shock here but I’m behind on the blog and admittedly having a hard time remembering what cool new stuff Emery did in Month #10.  It’s also been a challenge to getting her picture each month.  Sorry baby girl, but this is apparently the best I could do this month.
















Emery, this month you:

  • continue to get more and more mobile and are on your feet a lot. No signs of walking though.
  • have been eating like a champ!  You are not a picky eater. We love that!
  • seem to be a little fearful of heights (?!) – particularly when your Daddy lifts you way up in the air
  • hate napping in your crib.
  • wake up really early – like 5am early.  Ugh.
  • went to the beach for the first time – Hilton Head Island
  • No new words – just Dada

image image   image image