Drew is 14 months

This post will be a random hodge-podge of the last couple of weeks combined with a few updates of what our 14 month old is up to these days. Enjoy the photo dump. 😉

Lately Drew loves exploring which typically involves opening and closing anything and everything -from the microwave (not sure how he got ahold of that exactly but now it’s hard to walk past it if we’re holding him) to drawers, cabinets, doors, etc. 20131112-202516.jpg

Banging. He loves banging on windows and glass doors, the hardwood floors, walls…..this is a boy thing right? 20131112-202614.jpg

We went to San Francisco on Halloween for Jay and Ben’s baptism. Tim flew from Seattle to San Fran so Drew and I were on our own from Nashville to San Fran. I have to admit that our trip out was quite a challenge, however we managed to survive. Luckily he slept a good bit on the flight home so that was beyond awesome. Here are the tick-or-treaters! 20131112-203153.jpg

I didn’t bring my camera with me so these are all random iphone pics. Drew loved playing with the big kids and the big kids were so great with Drew. 20131112-203206.jpg


Oh and although Drew loved playing with the kids, he really really loved playing with Dane. 20131112-203239.jpg

Ok moving on. Here’s Drew helping Mommy organize the fridge last weekend. 20131112-203643.jpg

He’s been battling a cold for over 2 weeks now and gosh this past weekend was rough on him. He was feeling well enough to get some fresh air at the park. It’s taken a while but he’s finally in love with the swings (and by in love, I mean he throws a full out tantrum when we leave).






Practicing his walking. Oh yes, we have a ‘sometimes’ walker on our hands!


Drew has his regular 15 month check up next month so I’ll probably do another update then with milestones and such.