Emery – 3 months

Here we go – three months old!  Emery is just as cute as can be and is such a fun and easy going little baby.  The only times I have even heard her cry in the last month were when she refused taking a bottle (read on) and when Tim would “tickle” her with his whiskers.  Poor baby better get used to that one.  Here is her update for the month.


  • Week 1 – weight: 6lbs, 8% – height: 18.75 in., 13% – head circ.: 33.5 cm, 27%
  • Week 2 – weight: 6lbs 8oz, 9% – height: 19.5 in., 25% – head circ.: 34 cm, 24%
  • Week 6 – weight: 9lbs 5oz, 26% – height: 20.75 in., 11% – head circ.: 37.5cm, 56%
  • Week 11 – weight: 11lbs – height:

Emery, this past month YOU:

  • Refused the bottle – over and over.  This month was allllll about the bottle.  You have not had to take many bottles thus far but on occasion you would or you would at least eat enough to where you weren’t starving.  I realized that since you’ll be headed to daycare that I really needed to make sure you’d be ok taking a bottle.  You decided that no, you really didn’t want to do that – AT ALL.  Woah it got ugly and there was even some serious regression.  The more I wanted you to take the bottle, the more you full out refused.  We tried different bottle nipples, we tried Daddy feeding you…but nope.  Sigh….you and I went through bottle boot camp the third week of February and by the end of the week we turned a corner.  It’s February 24th as I type this and you just finished 3 ounces fed from a bottle by me.  At least I know you’ll (hopefully) eat next week. Whew!
  • Slept through the night on February 20th!  Wooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!  You slept from 9pm – 5am!  Just last night you slept from 8:30pm to 7am!  Way to go!  I’m just hoping this isn’t a fluke, but I don’t think so.
  • Rolled over from belly to back!  Whaaat?!  Ok your brother didn’t roll over until he was 5 months old so I was not expecting this at all.  This also happened just hours after your first ‘sleep through the night’ on February 20th.  I put you on your belly for some tummy time and decided to take a quick video (since I really have none of you yet) and you rolled right over at 11 weeks.  In the last few days, you’ve done it many more times.  I vividly remember how much we worked with Drew to get him to roll and to you it seems like the easiest thing ever.
  • Settled into napping in your crib.  Last month sleeping/napping was our big focus.  Luckily you enjoy your crib now as long as we get you in there before you are overly tired in which case we use your swing.  God bless the swing makers.  I seriously don’t know what people did without these.
  • Went to your second Vandy basketball game and slept the entire time.
  • Still don’t want much to do with the pacifier.  I’m not giving up yet.  I sooo want you to take a pacifier as it saved us so many times with Drew and truly “pacified” him and settled him down (long car rides, planes, church, going to bed, etc.) Anyway – no go on this with you just yet.




I love this sweet monogrammed gown which was a gift from Anna and Trey Ely.  (null)

Here is how we went through bottle boot camp.  I’d put Emery in the bouncer or high chair to feed her the bottle, otherwise she’d try and nurse.  This worked. The first few days she’d only take a little bit but she made great progress throughout the week.  It’s a huge relief to me that she’ll take it now. (null)

11 weeks old and rolling over!  (null)


So this is it.  The true “newborn” days (in my opinion) are over.  This is of course, bittersweet.  One the one hand, I’m emerging from my sleep deprived fog and Emery is interacting and becoming much more, well, fun.  She’s three months old and headed to school next week.  I prefer to call it school even at three months rather than daycare.  It makes ME feel better, ha.  I mean, she will do baby yoga, learn sign language, develop social skills, etc.  Sigh…..whatever, it’s going to be super hard Monday morning but Drew came through just fine and I truly do trust this school and the teachers and I know they’ll take good care of her.  The school has a new app where I will get updates throughout the day (when she ate, how much, etc).  I will likely even get a few pictures through this app.  Hopefully this will be a reassuring tool and not one that makes me crazy.  We will see.  

I have enjoyed every second of my maternity leave and can’t believe how fast 13 weeks has gone, but it’s also time for me to get back into a new routine.  Wish us ALL luck. It’s March and we have a lot to look forward to in addition to getting into our new routine.  The first is we have 60 degrees in our 5 day forecast!!! Time to start shopping for a double stroller because we need to get outside and get some exercise (ok, I do!) and sunshine!!!