Happy 1st Birthday Emery!


You are one!!!!  We made it!  What a year, baby girl.

As I reflect on the last year, I can’t help to think about the expectations I had before you were born. I expected sleepless nights balanced out with long cuddly days on the couch.  The sleepless nights part was right.  I expected a tricky transition and possibly a bumpy ride incorporating a new baby into “Drew’s world”.  This transition was actually easy after the initial shock to Drew of bringing you home.  I expected you to sleep through the night somewhere around the three month mark because, well, Drew did so why wouldn’t you?  Um, no that didn’t happen, not even close.  I expected it would take some time to settle into a new norm, but sooner than later we’d be in a grove and it would be smooth sailing.  Relatively accurate I suppose.

What I didn’t expect was for my sleepless nights to last quite so long (ahem like into month 11), or for our family of four to gel so naturally and quickly.  I did not expect for you to teach me patience this year but you did. I’m still working on this one however between your lack of interest to sleep and extreme annoyance with bottles, trust me when I say I gained and learned patience.  I also didn’t expect to feel such a unique and special bond with my second born, my little girl. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be and I enjoy learning more and more each day about your unique personality.

I get a huge kick out of seeing your Dad develop a very special relationship with you too. You’ve got him wrapped around your pinky and it’s pretty stinking adorable.  Also you definitely hold your own with Drew which is giving us a bit of foreshadowing for the future.  You love to play with him and with his toys and though he may not be quite ready for this, it’s only a matter of time before you both will be great playmates.  He loves you so much.  Each day Drew looks forward to dropping you off first at your classroom. While I am speaking to your teacher, he picks out a toy for you and then plants a kiss on your head before heading to his classroom. Pure sweetness.

Emery, we feel so lucky that you belong to us and we love you to pieces.  We absolutely love to see your happy little face each morning and the way you kick your legs and get excited when either your dad or I  pick you up.  We love your big toothy grin and the way you quietly observe and learn from Drew.  We all laugh at your baby growls.  Lately we are getting a kick out of watching you have the same amount of food on your high chair tray as Drew has on his plate however you regularly eat your meal in a fraction of the time.

At one year old – you love almost all foods, playing with Drew, your blankies, rolling on beds, your Gardner School teachers (Ms. Jamie and Ms. Jessie), baths, and napping in the car.  You dislike cuddling (unless super tired), new faces, traffic, napping in your crib and getting your jammies on at night.  This year has been simply amazing but boy oh boy, it’s been challenging too (crossing my fingers for better sleep in the coming year).

It’s a little bittersweet for you to be turning one, but I really am far more excited than sad.  Today on your actual first birthday, will mark the beginning of us living back in our house for the first time in seven months.  I’m excited to always remember your first birthday this way as we look forward to making lots of new memories in our new home after celebrating with your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents last night.

Happy first Birthday Emery Claire!