Happy birthday baby boy!


It’s the eve of Drew baby’s very first birthday. I find it impossible not to think back to what I was doing exactly one year ago at this time. I was working….thinking I had a couple more weeks to wrap everything up. Drew clearly had other plans since he decided to share my birthday week rather than Tim’s.

Drew, we got so very lucky one year ago when you were born. Our lives have been changed forever and we’ve loved every single second of being parents. You certainly keep us on our toes. Although you zoomed into the world, most days you are pretty chill and patient. With that said, you still can be quite headstrong when you really want something. You are quick to giggle. You love having a consistency and a routine (so do I!). I think your sense of routine is one reason you’ve never once cried when I have left you at daycare….either that or you just enjoy the other

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kids and toys so much. You are still our awesome little eater and probably consume more fruits and veggies than your dad and I do combined. You give the best and sloppiest kisses which we love. You are awesome at panting whenever we ask you how a doggie sounds. Your favorite word is still Dada but ‘uh oh’ is definitely not far behind. I’ll go ahead and forgive you for letting Mama fall out of your vocabulary for now. One of your favorite past times is to race crawl to any outlet you can find with something plugged in and see if you can beat us (often times you do). You haven’t quite grasped the meaning of “no” since you laugh and clap your hands even when I sternly slap your hand. We’ll work on it. You are an extremely observant little guy, always needing to know who is around and what is going on. Your daddy says you are nosey, I but I’ll stick with observant.

Everyday seems to get more fun than the last. You are our perfect little Drew baby / Drewski / Drewseph / Monkey / Mr. Drew. We absolutely cannot imagine life without you. Happy birthday big guy! We love you!

Here are a few pictures from Drew’s first trip to Sweet CeCe’s for a little fro yo the night before his birthday.