I have mentioned before that Drew and I both like our routines. We’re all for mixing it up on the weekends but we have a system and we pretty much stick to it Monday – Thursday. Most days Drew wakes up right at 7am. As soon as he is fed and dressed, we ead to school. This particular day he was looking adorable because it was “picture day”.


After I pick him up we go on a walk (and occasionally we spice it up and go to the park – though he’s still not all that impressed with the swings). Even though he has been doing a great job napping at his new daycare, he will still typically take a little cat nap in the stroller.


A quick comparison of last October and this October. 20131019-120029.jpg

After our walk we usually play for a little bit before dinner. This usually includes many important phone calls. This child is obsessed with the phone. Actually twice this week when I picked him up from daycare, I found him babbling away on the phone. 20131019-121255.jpg

Dinner time! We still have a hungry little guy on our hands. He easts incredibly fast and when he’s done – throws food on the floor as his way of telling me he’s had enough. I

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think we made a breakthrough this week on communicating a new “sign” when he’s finished which is definitely helping to decrease the food throwing.


Immediately after dinner is bathtime.




After bath, we play a little more, read some books and then it’s bed time (7pm). This picture is not bed time (looks like it was a weekend nap picture) but you can see his new best buddy – “E”.


Exciting weekdays huh? It works for us. 🙂