Happy half birthday big boy!

This big guy is 1.5 years old!


18 months is a super fun age, yet an extremely exhausting one! I thought having a newborn was hard. Ha! Right now there are two things that Drew loves more than anything else in the world – 1) going outside and 2) watching videos of himself on the ipad. He could spend all day playing outside without even having any toys. He just runs in circles, explores and has a great time. The watching videos of himself this is hysterical.  I have to keep my ipad hidden away most times because that’s all he wants to do if he sees it. 

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He must have seen me weigh myself one day because he’s into a little habit of pulling the scale out and doing the same. He had a rough week a few weeks back with a tummy bug and then a virus so he lost a little bit of weight. We have his 18 month check up tomorrow so I’ll get his official update then. 20140312-215531.jpg

He’s not into books as much right now. He usually has a weekly favorite (mostly ones with flaps) but for the most part he just likes ‘looking’ for a book to read. He has a little game where he pulls a book out and says, “no”, pulls another, “no”, pulls another, “no”….and on and on and on.


He’s very goofy and easy to giggle. He loves to growl, thinks it is hysterical if he accidentally burps, and lately loves hiding in my closet and being found.


Drew is doing great at school, um, daycare. He is transitioning this week into a new classroom and is doing fine. Actually each morning he is excited to go and brings me my shoes once he’s dressed and ready. I say – “ready for school?” and he does his normal “yeah yeah yeah” and runs to the door. His teachers say he is one of the sweetest kids and not a follower. I asked what they meant by that. The example given was that that typically when one kid does something they shouldn’t (like push the furniture across the room), the others join in even when they know they shouldn’t – and I’m told Drew does not. I sort of find that hard to believe however I really hope it is a behavior that lasts for the long run.


Drew certainly learned the straight faced sort of smirk pose from his Daddy.



Lately we have Mr. Independent. He hates being helped. He’s been eating really well with spoons and forks but some things (um yogurt) are harder to eat and rather than allow me to help he feeds himself. He does a good job and then realizes it’s easier to eat without a spoon and then pretty much just bathes in the yogurt. Brushing his teeth is another example. Hates my help.


Drew still loves bath time and especially loves brushing his teeth after – by himself of course. Oh and yes – he finally has teeth. They all popped through at the same time it seemed. Lots of teeth now. He’s been sleeping well (7a-7p) but still wakes up once a night often for his nook.  I mean, if he just has it in bed he can keep it forever right?  No one will ever know. 

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Love love love this kid! Happy half birthday Drew!!!!!20140313-105244.jpg