Three Months!

I interrupt ‘Drew’s Christmas Vacation’ posts for his 3 month update. Yes, I realize it is January 3rd and he turned 3 months on December 13th. Oh well, better late than never…….

Drew is three months old! It really seems like he has changed so much from two to three months. I wonder if I’ll feel this way every month? Probably.


Week 1 – weight: 5lbs 4oz, 2% – height: 18.75 in., 9% – head circ.: 33 cm, 6%
Week 2 – weight: 6lbs 2oz, 3% – height: 19.5 in., 11% – head circ.: 34 cm, 7%
Week 7 – weight: 8lbs 10oz, 6% – height: 20.75 in., 2% – head circ.: 37.5cm, 13%
Week 9 – weight: 10lbs 2oz, 14% – height: 22.25 in., 19% – head circ.: 38cm, 11%

3 months – We don’t go back to the doctor until Drew’s 4 month check up on January 23rd however I am pretty sure his 3 month weight was right at 12 lbs.

Sleeping Update:

  • Napping: Before we left for Cincinnati (on November 21st), we were having major napping issues. Drew was still hating his crib and I was going insane trying to figure out how to get him into a routine. The harder I tried, the more he resisted. We had been following the Babywise method of eat, “play”, sleep but for whatever reason it wasn’t working. I’d put him down for a nap and he’d cry (hard) until I’d cave and pick him back up. Once I re-read the book I figured out that we were putting him down for naps after he was already too tired which I’m guessing made him fight sleep. Once I started laying him down in his crib before he was exhausted, he would happily drift off to sleep. Such an easy fix. Figuring this out made a world of difference.
  • Sleeping in his crib: We moved him out of our room and into his own bed the day he turned 9 weeks old which was also the day he magically napped perfectly (after figuring out the above). He still work up once to eat in the middle of the night but that was it. We had about 5 days in Nashville of him sleeping in his room before we headed to Cincinnati. Big win!
  • Sleeping through the night: He ‘kinda sorta’ did this for the first time on December 1st (just about 11 weeks). To be honest, I can’t exactly remember the details now, but I know that this was the first night he made it through without eating at 2ish am. He still woke up for his pacifier once or twice but went right back to sleep. It was a goal of mine for him to start sleeping through the night before my maternity leave ended. I retruned to work on December 3rd so – mission accomplished. Although he wasn’t perfectly sleeping through the night, he also wasn’t waking to eat and that was extremely helpful. Thank you Drew!!

This month Drew loves:

  • Eating his hands. One day he just started going crazy sticking his hands in his mouth. Around this same time he became less interested in his pacifier.
  • His “Cincinnati” bouncy seat! This was Hannah’s and he liked it so much at my mom and dad’s that Mom Mom (Tim’s grandmother) bought the exact one to keep at the Greulich house. We have a bouncy seat in Nashville but it doesn’t quite entertain the same. Here he is enjoying munching on his hands while in his “Cincinnati” bouncy seat.
  • Car rides. We had a 5 hour trip from Nashville to Cincinnati on November 21st and didn’t hear a peep from him the entire trip. We had to wake him to eat…and we only did this because I was hungry for dinner and wanted to stop!
  • His swaddle – he definitely still needs to be swaddled to sleep. He’ll kick and squirm and move all over the place (and keep himself awake) unswaddled. At least we discovered this nifty one with velcro.


Other odds and ends:

  • His awesome hair has become less awesome. It’s definitely thinning and falling out in places. He also has a ridiculously unruly, yet adorable cow lick in the back.
  • Eyes – still blue! We will see.
  • We left his “newborn” clothes in Nashville when we left for Cincinnati. I hope he gets as much use out of them as he did his newborn stuff because he has a lot of clothes!
  • Drew starts daycare January 7th. Pray for me!

Below are some of Drew’s 3 month pictures.





Lastly a couple cute cousin pictures: