Drew’s Christmas Vacation – Part 3 – Parties!

Our weekends were jam packed the entire month we were home with Christmas events and people to see. Here are a few pictures from Drew’s Grammy and Grandpa’s Christmas dinner party, where he was definitely the most important attendee.



How cool is this picture? Papaw, Mimi, Grammy and Grandpa. I love it!20130105-204231.jpg
The next morning, Drew hangs out with Mom Mom.20130105-204412.jpg
……and his Uncle Michael.20130105-204516.jpg
Sable loves Drew and here’s proof. He sure got a lot of doggie kisses while in Cincinnati. I love Liz’s face in the background.20130105-204807.jpg
The following weekend was the annual Holtz “cousins” Christmas party. Santa is always the much anticipated guest of honor.20130105-205258.jpg

Each year this picture has more kids in it. Although the party is at times

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(ok the entire time) completely chaotic, it’s so much fun. Sadly this was the best group shot I got.20130105-210024.jpg