Drew’s Christmas Vacation – Part 6 – Final Installment

I am finally wrapping up ‘Drew’s Christmas Vacation’ posts. We all had such a great time in Cincinnati over the holidays and I cannot thank our families enough for making my transition back to work so easy. It’s hard to believe that Tim and I have a child who is not a ‘born and raised’ Cincinnatian but we know Cincy will always be Drew’s home away from home. Two months ’til Reds season!

And now a few final pictures from Drew’s point of view…

I watched football just like the big guys…halftime nap and all!20130120-075409.jpg

One of my many faces…20130120-075452.jpg

Someone tell my mommy that every idea she sees on Pinterest is not a good one. Good thing she abandoned this silly look. 20130120-075526.jpg

I loved my sock monkey jammies. I actually grew out of

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these while in Ohio. 20130120-075624.jpg

My uncle Michael reading to me. He actually did pretty well. 20130120-075655.jpg

Cuddling with my Mom Mom. I liked falling asleep on her shoulder. 20130120-075712.jpg

I sure had a lot of pictures taken of me.20130120-075752.jpg

It’s a good thing I like Sable because she is a slobbery doggie. 20130120-075821.jpg

This was another favorite spot of mine…napping on PaPaw. His squishy belly fit me just right. 20130120-075926.jpg

Hey! We kinda look alike….now why did my mommy put this stocking cap on me? 20130120-080002.jpg

Oh yeah, I remember this day. This was my actual 3 month birthday on December 13th. 20130120-080048.jpg

I loved meeting my mom and dad’s friends; Colin, Michelle and Babs. 20130120-080439.jpg

I really liked this super cool outfit that Mom Mom bought me. I wore it after my baptism.20130120-080535.jpg

This is my new friend but I haven’t named him yet. I think I’ll do that once I get a little bigger. 20130120-080634.jpg

I had such a fun time in Cincinnati. I got to play with new people and dogs, nap wherever I wanted (preferably on people), stay up as late as I wanted (except when mommy was being strict), and got lots and lots of nice presents.

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WHEW…what a vacation! I’m all partied out though and ready to head back to Nashville. ………I wonder how long until my next Christmas Vacation??