Four months!

Drew is four

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months (and one week) old! Look how big he’s getting! 20130122-211851.jpg

He’s creeping up on the percentiles. I guess he has a small head? Hard to believe from the pictures above.

Weight % Height % Head circ %
Week 1 5lbs 4oz, 2% 18.75 inches 9% 33cm 6%
Week 2 6lbs 2oz 3% 19.5 inches 11% 34cm 7%
Week 7 8lbs 10oz 6% 20.75 inches 2% 37.5cm 13%
Week 9 10lbs 2oz 14% 22.25 inches 19% 38cm 11%
4 months 13lbs 9oz 16% 24.75 inches 34% 41cm 12%

What an exciting (and exhausting!) month he had. Here are some of the highlights:

  • He was baptized on December 22nd
  • Celebrated his first Christmas in Cincinnati
  • Went to his first Vanderbilt basketball game (which he slept through entirely)
  • Celebrated his first New Year’s Eve (eh, kinda)
  • Spent a solid week at home with Tim while I worked. It was ‘Daddy-Drew’ day everyday!
  • Started daycare on January 7th! 🙁 He did great and of course his “teachers” all love him.
  • Dropped his swaddle cold turkey! Whew! I was getting worried.
  • Began truly sleeping all the way through the night (most nights he would sleep from about 9pm to 6 or 7am)
  • Continued babbling and blowing bubbles like crazy
  • Began grabbing and reaching for objects on his playmat
  • Still loves being read to. It has become part of his nightly routine. A few of Drew’s favorites are definitely Mr. Brown and Cat in the Hat.

I love this book! Whenever I’m fussy, just start reciting…….”All the wonderful sounds Mr. Brown can do, Mr. Brown can sound like a cow, he can go Moo Moo….can you?”….and I instantly settle down. 20130122-211902.jpg

I like the Cat in the Hat too. This is definitely one of my Daddy’s favorites. 20130122-211908.jpg

I’m getting better on tummy time. I don’t see the need to roll over just yet. I’m perfectly happy just hanging out in this position. 20130122-211916.jpg

My daddy and I watched a couple “Moonshiners” episodes during Daddy-Drew week. I thought I’d dress the part. 20130122-212000.jpg

Can I help you?20130122-212007.jpg

Just hangin’ out20130122-212024.jpg

My first Vandy game! What can I say? I’m a growing boy. I need my sleep. 20130123-092539.jpg

I finally woke up after the game was over and the crowds cleared out. We will get a better picture next time. 20130123-092547.jpg

Could I be any more adorable?! I betcha I can! Just wait til my 5 month update. 20130122-214353.jpg