An Interview with Drew

This week on March 13th, Drew will be 3.5 years old.  He is wise beyond his years.  Read on for proof.


Hi Drew.  What’s your full name?

Orange Red Allen Elsa.  

Oh really, no Drew or Greulich?

Drew: (thinking)…yes Greulich.  Orange Red Allen Elsa Greulich.

Why’s your favorite thing to do?

Drew: Play.

What’s your favorite thing to play?  

Drew: Music center, Home livin’ (Home living center) capes (at school), paw patrols. 

Who is your best friend?  Amaya and griffin. And Nora.

What do you think about Emery?  I don’t care.

What do you mean you don’t care?  You love her right?

Drew: I do…but I don’t care about her.


Tell me about your castle.  I’ve heard a lot about it.

Drew: There’s a picture of it in Emery’s dragon book.  I have lots of new stuff in there.

Oh really, like what?

Drew: Cookies, chocolate…no milk though.  I only have juice in my castle.  Yes, that’s it.

And where is your castle?

Drew: In my Cincinnati.

Where is YOUR Cincinnati?

Drew: Right by MY Nashville.

Don’t you also have cars?

Drew: Yes I have a few cars and I eat at my castle and my sisters live there.


Drew: No my castle sisters.  Not emery.  I have 4 castle sisters.  Emery can come visit.

Who else lives there?

Drew: The communicaper.  And Nora, Elsa, Anna…well Nora is actually Anna.  I’m Elsa.  Also some other friends and my sisters.


What’s your favorite sport?

Drew: Soccer.

Do you know how to play?

Drew: No.

What’s your favorite food?  Whatever kind I like.

Do you like to go out to eat?

Yes my favorite is J Alexander’s. Me and Nora are going to go to J Alexanders.  I like chicken tenders and broccoli.

And what to drink?

Diet coke.

Am I going to go with you?

No, just me and Nora. Maybe some other friends.

Do you know how trees grow?

Drew: Yes, with branches.

Why is the sky blue?

Drew: Because there is sun in it.

What’s your favorite animal?  My pups.

What’s Daddy’s job?  Do you know where he works?

Drew: At the gym. 

What’s his job?  

Drew: Work.

Where does mommy work?

Drew: At home. 

What’s her job?  

Drew: Work.

Drew: I work. I make calls. I call communicaper. Come in communicaper, come in. See I work.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Drew: A fireman.

Do you think you’ll make a lot of money when you grow up?

Drew: Sure.

How much?

Drew: Four.

Four what?

Drew: Four monies or ….maybe a million dollars.

Will you share any money with your sister?  Mm hmm. 

Did you know tomorrow you will be 3.5 years old?

Drew: No, I don’t want to be 3.5 years old.  I just want to stay 3 years old.  

Mommy, I’m done with this.