Charleston 2016

This is severely delayed but sigh… “blog” project continues as my way to get pictures posted even if months late.  And really, how could I not post some beach vacation pictures!?!  I took far too many but here are some glimpses from our 9 or so days on vacation back in August (eek, yes August!).  First, um yes this one below is most definitely my daughter as she sleeps comfortably in what appears to be full splits.  Both kids did great in the car, especially Emery, our little car sleeper.

We made it!  Emery was all smiles on the first day heading towards the beach.  How quickly her mood did change though…

Drew hated the water the last few years.  I thought he would be a bit better since he’s obviously older however we were all surprised how much he loved the ocean and enjoyed the waves and going in as far as he could.

Emery was pretty much only smiling at the beach if she was on someone’s lap.

Yeah, this is pretty much sums up how Emery spent most of her time at the beach.

Oh look, pinky toe in the water!  There!  It’s documented, she did touch water.  🙂

Aw, happy girl.

This was as close as we got to a family picture this trip.

These two love their Mom Mom!!

oh wait I forgot we got this family picture one too.  Aunt Katie took about 20 and this is the best we got (but no fault to the photographer!).  Pictures with sunshine and kiddos is tough!

One more beach day before heading home!

Peace out Isle of Palms.  See you next time.