Emery – 9 months

Nine months old and definitely on the GO! 

Emery, this month you…

  • Started crawling!  You were on all 4s for a long while but one day just took off. 
  • Pull yourself up.
  • Love exploring with your new freedom
  • Got a new front tooth (4 total)
  • Still hate sleeping (though I am typing this on September 3rd and you slept nearly 12 hours straight the past three nights.  Um…HUGE). 
  • Started eating table foods! 
  • Absolutely love to play with Drew…or rather play with Drew’s toys
  • Put everything in your mouth. Yes I know babies do this but wow, you really do this.

 Well, I guess I should buy her some shoes?  

Yea for real food! She is looooving “table” food. I hope we have another awesome eater on our hands. She’s eating exactly what Drew eats each night, just in smaller pieces.  

Today I picked Emery up from school (sounds better than daycare) and her teacher said she ate all of her spaghetti, all of her peaches and zero green beans. They said she’d put one in her mouth, make a face and forcefully spit it out. 


Look what Emery got her hands on!  This toy was a 1st birthday gift to Drew (thanks Michael and Liz). This was easily Drew’s favorite toy for the last year and a half. He definitely freaked out when I brought it out of hiding for Emery to play with. He’s slowly learning to share with her. 

These two….

Could she be any stinkin’ sweeter?