July 2015

Catching up on blogging…I’ve had some technical difficulties combined with the typical excuses. July was pretty busy for us. Here’s a little recap. 

We flew to Orlando on the 4th of July to visit Tim, Mandy and Libby who were vacationing there. This was Emery’s first flight. 

Drew is an old pro now.  

  We were only there for the weekend but we packed in lots of fun with Libby.

This was Emery’s first time swimming. She loved it. 



  Unfortunately Drew had a fever on our flight home. He was so miserable. Look at his goosebumps. Poor guy.   

The following weekend we headed to Cincinnati. First stop was a semi family reunion on the Holtz side. We celebrated summer, 4th of July and the All-Star game…

  ….and these FIVE baby girls all born in 2014. 

  This was the long awaited All-Star weekend. Tim and Michael and Danny enjoyed a long weekend of baseball fun.    

Several hours after the end of the All-Star game, Tim and I boarded a plane for the Grand Cayman Islands. It was an amazing little break and we soaked up every second of this view.  

  It was an awesome 5 days and also safe to say these two enjoyed every second of their vacation too. They spent a few days with Grammy and Grandpa and then a few days at Mimi and Papa’s house.    

 All good Cincinnati trips end with a milkshake at 10am on the way back to Nashville.