A pile of randomness from the last month….

A great weekend with Tara, Matt and LeeceIMG_1184.JPG

Next of course was our summer vacation in CharlestonIMG_1181-0.JPG

One horrible night from what only could have been a tooth coming through.  He was aggitated all evening and eventually crashed on me around 10pm.  IMG_1219.JPG

Lottttts of pjelly (peanut butter and jelly of course!) sandwiches.  Our awesome eater has become quite opinionated on his food choices.  We know it’s just a phase and for the record he doesn’t get every pjelly he demands. 😉IMG_1233.JPG

He looooves to drive.IMG_1200.JPG

“Swimming” each night before getting out of the tubIMG_1209.JPG

Random selfie Drew tookIMG_1249.JPG

After a long week of food battles, he ate all the dinner I prepared (see pjelly comment) – so ice cream for dessert!IMG_1243.JPG

Big boy in his towelIMG_1254.JPG

He “cleans” with this drill…..a lot.  This particular day he chose to wear his sun/safety glasses too.IMG_1252.JPG

And of course Operation Nookie Removal was started and completed this past month!



September!  Birthday month for all three of us.  Someone’s turning two this weekend!!!!!!