Six months!


Our little monkey is six months old! Here is what is going on his world right now.

Weight: 15 lbs 13 oz (22%), Height: 26 inches (37%)

Health: Still sick! One cold leads to the next. We seem to be on the tail end of his third consecutive cold. Hopefully this is the end of it for a while.

Sleep: Consistently sleeps 11.5-12 hours each night. Yea Drew! He is a decent napper too.

Social: I am regularly told by his teachers that he is a charmer, a flirt and the ‘ladies man’. At home, I would say that that he loves

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having our full attention but every now and then likes his alone time (so do I Drew, so do I.). He warms up to new people very easily. We will see if that lasts.

Eating: This month we added real food on top of the oatmeal. He loves his bananas, pears and sweet potatoes. On the other hand, Drew was not a fan of acorn squash. Each week we’ve been testing out a new food. Green beans are up next!

Loving…his jumperoo, standing, baths, his friend Tito (the tweedle beetle), putting blankets in his mouth and pulling them over his head, his play mat (still), when people clap and TV (uh oh).

Clothes: 6 months in just about everything. Size 2 diapers.

Crying: Hardly ever. Occasionally when he’s overly tired but that’s it.

Firsts: Valentine art project at school (sure he did!), Parent/teacher conference, Vandy Baseball game, time away from me while I had to travel for work for 4 days (it was horrible….for me. He and Tim did great though) and having a babysitter.


Definitely outgrowing this tub


Working with Daddy


Best Valentines Day EVER!


This is Tito. 🙂




The baseball game wiped him out.



Just getting in the mood for baseball! We’re getting close. Countdown to Opening Day is on!


Enjoying the warm day with Mimi




This picture needs no captioning. BAD PaPaw. Bad.


Sweet potatoes! YUM!





This upcoming month we are looking forward to quite a bit. Drew’s Grammy, Grandpa and Mom Mom are coming down this weekend for a visit. Then during the last week of March, I have a work conference and Carol and Mom Mom are going to stay here for a couple days with Drew. We are also looking forward to heading up to Cincinnati for Easter and Opening Day (and no he isn’t going – we aren’t that crazy).