Bottling up Baby

Drew will be 6 months old on Wednesday. I really wish time would slow down a little bit. I have no doubt that each stage will be fun but I sure would love to bottle up so many little things that I know only a baby can bring. So here’s my quick list, just off the top of my head, of the things I’m loving and the little stuff I want to remember from this stage.

I love Drew’s right out of a bath baby smell. I love seeing his huge gummy grin and crazy kicking legs each morning when I go into his room. I love his playful squeals and shrieks on the changing table. I love watching his excitement in the jumperoo and seeing how his chunky little legs barely touch the ground. We are lucky that he doesn’t cry often, but I even love (or at least don’t mind) the rare late night cry that is so easy to soothe. I love picking him up for daycare and watching him realize that I’m in the room. I loved our lazy winter weekends where we have probably kept him up too long which produces a boycotted nap in his bed and a co-napping situation on the couch. I love people stopping me in the grocery store to take a peek and ask his age. I love hearing his babbles and watching him on the monitor spin in circles on his back when he is fighting sleep.

I could go on and on. Tim assures me that “he’s still a baby! He’s barely rolling over!” Yep, that’s very true. I guess instead of wanting to slow time down, I’ll just appreciate all these things and be excited for the fun stuff coming in the next stage.

1 month old

2 months

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