Emery – 1 month

I’m a little late in posting a 1-month update (shocker) but definitely wanted to get this up as soon as I could. I use these little updates as my form of baby book documentation. I hope to print them somewhere eventually too once I figure out the easiest way to do so. As for the chair; I considered doing her pictures somewhere else but decided to stick with how I did Drew’s monthly pictures. 

 So Emery….here’s what you were up to in month #1 of your life. I’ll admit that some of this has already changed as I’m typing this out on day 7 of your second month but I’ll keep those updates for next month.


  • have blue eyes (will they stay??), light brown hair and two little dimples near the corners of your mouth (I think…it’s kind of hard to tell).
  • have a nickel sized red strawberry birthmark in the center of your back.
  • sleep great – during the day! The first half of the month, I woke you after 4 hours to eat at night but the second half of the month you woke me – and we certainly weren’t getting 4 hour stretches anymore.
  • are a great eater, yet not an excellent burper. We work hard for that burp.
  • don’t seem to care if you are swaddled or not. I’ve done both and the swaddle doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  • do not use a pacifier even though we’ve tried to get you to do so during fussy times.
  • love, love, love to be held.
  • enjoy car rides and movement in general except for your swing (though I’m hoping that changes).
  • enjoy naps on your tummy (with close by supervision of course). You nap so peacefully on your belly.
  • do not like to be bathed.
  • are super jumpy, just like your mommy.
  • are very strong! Your grip, arm and leg strength are extremely impressive.
  • had your first road trip to Cincinnati for Christmas and spent a couple days at each grandparents house.







Here’s a fun comparison of Emery and Drew both at one month.  IMG_2238.JPG