Christmas 2014

We celebrated a great Christmas in Cincinnati.  I wasn’t sure how it would go with a 3 week old baby but she (and I) did fine.  She slept most days and we both stayed up all night.  😉  Emery certainly wasn’t in any sort of routine by this point anyway so what was one more week?  IMG_1990.JPG

Before we left Nashville, Santa came to our house and brought a couple little things for Drew.  IMG_1991.JPG


Once in Cincy, we packed the days full.  The day before Christmas Eve, we went to Entertrainment Junction.  Drew and Hannah had a blast except….for the Santa visit. Drew isn’t a fan this year. IMG_2214.JPG



We spent Christmas Eve at my parent’s house and Christmas day with Tim’s side.  Christmas Eve morning I tried getting Drew to take a picture with Emery.  I love the shot in the bottom right hand corner.  This is right when Hannah walked in the house.  Drew had been waiting for her to play and was so excited to jump out of the chair.  Poor Emery.  IMG_2156.JPG

Love.  IMG_2008.JPG

Christmas Eve….we had a huge yummy brunch, opened presents and then some downtime where the kids played/napped.  Later we went to mass (thank goodness for gold fish) and then back to my mom and dad’s for “Grandma’s” chicken noodle soup and snacks and appetizers. 





IMG_2193.JPG IMG_2056.JPG

Christmas morning, we woke up and headed straight over to Greulich’s.  Somehow “straight over” still ended up getting us there around 11am.  Sheesh.  We had another huge yummy brunch followed by presents, relaxing and then an amazing Christmas dinner. 



Drew wasn’t really into opening his gifts this year.  I’m sure next year will be the year.  Funny moment though was when he was all smiles like this and came up to me and said “I eat paper”…and sure enough he was chewing away on what must have been yummy wrapping paper.  Weird kid. IMG_2065.JPG

The day after Christmas, most of the Greulich girls stayed home and the guys and Grammy went to ____.  Drew had a blast.IMG_2241.JPG
We managed to fit in one more Christmas celebration after Christmas.  Here are all of the great grandkids who were in town on the Holtz side.  So many girls!IMG_2225.JPG

Emery’s first Christmas and picture with Santa.  I snagged this one from my dad.  Great picture Dad!  Emery didn’t make it out in public to see Santa this year so I’m glad this picture was taken.  IMG_2227.JPG

And just a few more of our days at home / Cincinnati.  Tim and I still refer to Cincy as “home”  when speaking but it is interesting since Nashville is the only “home” Drew and Emery know.  IMG_2243.JPG



 At the end of the week we (ok Tim) very strategically packed the car and we headed HOME. IMG_2043.JPG