Our biggest adventure so far – house renovation / addition

I’ve been meaning to post about our biggest adventure to date. And yes, I do consider what we are doing to our house to be a bigger adventure than having kids. Our home renovation and addition discussions began while we searched to buy our house back in the winter and spring of 2012. We bought this 1930s home in the historic Richland West End neighborhood with the intent of building on and renovating. We love the neighborhood and are just mile or so outside of downtown Nashville. Anyway, after meeting with several architechts in early 2014, we signed on with one who grasped our vision quickly. He had plans drawn up that we loved within weeks. The next 10-12 months we spent hunting for the right builder. 

Current state: 3 bedrooms (2.5 really), 1.5 bath, all one floor  Future state: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 stories, new kitchen / living room

Below is the progress thus far:

4/2 – This picture was taken right before we left for Easter weekend in Cincinnati.    When we got home from our weekend away, the back bedroom had been demo-ed and they were ready to dig.   4/14 – I pulled this picture from our builder’s updates. Much of our kitchen wall and floor has completely rotted away.  

4/16 – The rain. Stupid rain. This was not a fun sight to wake up to. Somehow we escaped without much water getting into the basement. 4/17 – The dumpster sat here for far too long. The dumpster company couldn’t get it out because the yard was too wet. Frustrating delays.  The digging process really took longer than anyone had planned. 
5/1 – Digging is complete. Ready to build!  

5/6 – footers dug  5/8 – foundation work  5/14 – more foundation progress

5/21- almost ready for framing  5/29 – this week was a fun week to finally see daily progress. Framing, cement slab inspected and poured, demo in kitchen.