Emery – 6 months

Happy 6 months Emery Claire!  Gosh, I distinctly remember doing a 6 month old blog post for Drew and feeling rather sappy that my baby was growing up.  Surprisingly, I’m not quite as weepy this time around.  Yes of course I will still miss Emery as an itty bitty baby and all of her snuggles buuuut…I kind of won’t miss the newborn stage either.  Maybe it’s because I can still count on one hand how many nights she has slept through (4), or the fact that life is just so much different with a newborn and a 2 year old.  It’s a crazy season of life, that’s for sure.  Though life is a bit crazy right now, Emery does an awesome job going with the flow.  Here is just one example; around 6:30 tonight, Emery was tired and hungry.  She usually nurses around 6:30pm and is sleeping by 7pm.  Drew had that same routine when he was a baby however I’d sit in his rocking chair, read him a book, nurse him, talk to him, put on his little lullaby machine, maybe rock him to sleep…typical put baby #1 to sleep stuff.  The whole bit was very calm and of course he always had my undivided attention.   Here was Emery’s 6:30pm feeding:  I pick Emery up to feed her while Drew is playing with his barn animals at our feet.  He’s screaming / singing Old McDonald at the top of his lungs.  Then: “Mommy, I have to go potty!!”  Since we are working hard on potty training, I instantly put Emery down, who is not thrilled but doesn’t cry, and get Drew on the potty.  Two minutes later we return and I pick Emery up and resume feeding her.  Now Drew is driving the trains to the farm making all kinds of train noises.  Emery jumps a mile every time Drew crashes something near her.  “Uh Mommy, uh I have to go potty again.”  Me: “Drew, ugh!”  This time Emery comes with us.  I put Drew on the potty and continue to feed her while sitting on the edge of the tub.  Sigh….I just have to laugh most nights really.  She tolerates it all so well.  I’m thinking she’ll be our laid back one. So a 6 month update – Emery this month you…….. 

  • Regularly roll front to back and back to front. You’ll be all over the place soon. Unfortunately you get confused in your crib when you end up on your belly though and can’t seem to roll back over.
  • Got your first fever and nasty cold. You were a trouper though and spent one very cuddly evening with your daddy when you weren’t feeling well.
  • Are sitting up. You aren’t 100% stable but pretty close.
  • Laugh a lot at your brother.
  • Finally slept through the night – 2 nights in a row!!! It already hasn’t lasted but I have hope again. Edited: It’s been a solid week since I first wrote those notes. You still get up and eat at 2am ish. C’mon Emery….enough!
  • Have eaten carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, avocados, apples, squash, and pears. You are doing pretty well with all of them.
  • Had two horrible episodes after eating bananas. Let’s just say I am laying off of the bananas with you for a LONG time.
  • Love playing with your feet
  • Snuggle every night with your pink bunny