Emery – Seven months

Seven months old.  SEVEN months old.  How on earth??…..sigh…………  Emery is seriously the cutest and sweetest baby around.  Sadly the monthly “chair” pictures are over.  I was sad for a minute but the last few months the pictures stunk anyway so I’m moving on (the chair is buried in our house by belongings since we’ve moved to the rental house).  

Emery, this month you……

  • Have been eating more and more solid food yet still fuss with bottles at daycare. Some days are great, some days you hardly eat it seems.
  • Laugh and squeal constantly at your big brother. You love watching him.
  • Love your baths
  • Fall asleep in the car before we are even off of our street
  • Still only have two teeth despite chewing on everything in sight.
  • Have finalllllly been sleeping through the night more times than not. Every few nights you still wake up upset and the only way I can get you back to sleep is to feed you.
  • Love rolling all over the place
  • Were baptized June 20th (on our 6th wedding anniversary)

This is what happens when you feed a tired baby who rubs her eyes a lot.
More baptism weekend pictures coming soon. 
 We are sooo excited for a busy July.  We’ll all be heading to Florida for the 4th of July weekend to visit Tim, Mandy and Libby followed by an All Star game weekend in Cincinnati and then grandparents camp while Tim and I go on vacation for 5 days.  All that plus, you know, the normal stuff like building/renovating a house, working, Tim traveling every week, etc.  It’s going to be a fun and exhausting few weeks for all of us.  Can’t wait!