Catching up

I am slightly behind on this ol’ blog. Shocker I know!  Here’s what’s been up with us the past month or so.   Grammy, Grandpa and Sable came down for the weekend so Tim and I could go to the Kenny Chesney concert.   Guess we need to beef up our sitter list. We celebrated Jim’s 65th birthday while they were in town.  Just cute.  This little bunny lovie thing has turned into Emery’s pacifier. She cuddles up with it at night and falls right asleep. We went to Cincinnati for Easter. Right before we left, we got the back room room completely cleared out so that work could begin on our house.  Easter pictures



Vandy baseball games.  Emery will learn to love baseball too. 

 Lastly, probably the most exciting thing of all is that work finally started on our house. I will do a separate blog post on our progress in April.  Drew really loved watching the “bull-dzzzzer”.