Emery – 5 months

5 months old?!  What?  Ok, let’s just chalk this last month up to the month I totally forgot I even had a camera.  It was kind of blur of a month too.  On one hand, we’ve settled into some sort of routine but that “routine” is/was a killer.  Throughout April, Emery continued to regress on night sleep and it was the hardest month yet.  I swear I’ve read and tried everything to get her to sleep as well as to get her to EAT more during the day and less at night.  I was that mom who sort of chuckled at other moms when they said their <insert month older than 4> month old still woke up at night to eat.  But I get it now and I totally feel bad for any time that I did chuckle at those other moms.  I have learned how to function on a couple hours of broken sleep and I’m sure my work thanks me for that.  ha.  Back to Emery; she really is the sweetest, happiest and most content baby – just um, not at night.

 Ok so Emery this month you:

  • rolled over from back to belly!
  • started eating solid foods.  Well – we started oatmeal with the high hopes that would help with our sleeping issues but you happily pushed / spit most of it out.
  • continued to wake up many times each night.  Sometimes you acted starving (ok you weren’t acting, you really were starving and that showed by the little you’d eat in bottles at daycare) and sometimes you just were happy to not be sleeping.  You confused the heck out of me that’s for sure.
  • got your first two – yes TWO – teeth!  Whew, that had to be SOME of the sleep issues we had right???  We just found them at the end of April right before you turned 5 months old.
  • got tons and tons of hugs and love from your brother. Ok that is sort of a Drew update but it was so interesting that one day a light sort of switched on for Drew.  All of the sudden he loved hugging her, talking to her and overall acknowledging that he had a sister.  It’s adorable.


Emery has clearly had enough.  😉